In Pursuit of Magic: Another Photo Dump…

I did a ton of shooting last weekend and wanted to share the fruits of my labor.

Some ‘experts’ say you should only show your best stuff, but I’m not sure I believe in that concept, because I see my street photography work as a stream of consciousness-type flow of the things that catch my eye. I’m not looking to display some type of technical excellence or put forth some perfectly-edited photo essay on a particular topic. I just want to show people what I saw!

Everything here was shot with a Canon 5D with a 50mm lens.

From a stylistic standpoint, I find myself increasingly interested in architecture and subject matter that is about form and texture, especially in black & white.

It’s probably a result of spending time looking at the work of black & white masters like Minor White, Paul Caponigro, and Julius Shulman. For some reason, I love working with 5D images in black & white – they just look plain better to me.

So here we go…

People and birds in the sunset:

A red blurry thing from when my lens was all fogged up:

An accidental sculpture made of found objects:

A Stairway to Heaven (or hell, depending upon how you feel about the post office)”


Freedom Tower:

Girl on Steps:

A family of three:

26 Federal Plaza:

Shadow Forms:

SR-71 Blackbird on the Intrepid:

A Runner:

A frozen taxi:

Leopard-Skin Jacket Lady:

A nice young lady in a cool hat:

A lovely dog:

Bird at golden hour:

Kid by windows:

Freezing Cold:

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