Morning After Hurricane Sandy: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

For now it seems that Bay Ridge didn’t get hit too badly by Hurricane Sandy, aside from wrecked signs and an awful lot of downed trees.

Speaking of which, this neighborhood really needs some major tree trimming. Everywhere, there are gigantic trees that are either dying or getting there, and they go down during every big storm/disaster.

I took all these shots this morning with my Fuji X100, which hummed along like a champ in some spouts of intense rain this morning. It was soaking wet but operated with zero issues. Frankly, I was afraid I was going to kiil the camera but it look a licking and kept on ticking. If you own one, I don’t recommend this because you’ll probably void the warranty.

By the way, if you’re press and you would like to use any of these photos, please use the contact form to get in touch with me. Also, if you’re out of the neighborhood and want me to check on something or someone, do not hesitate to drop me a line. Since the subways are down, I’m pretty much stuck in the neighborhood and don’t mind doing this since the cops and firefighters have their hands full.

Song of the day: Lonesome Day by Bruce Springsteen:

So here we go:

Third Avenue & 80th Street:

Where I get my hair cut:

A tree down on 78th Street:

76th Street & Third Avenue:

An ATM sign:

76th & Ridge Boulevard (may be 77th):

Garbage cans on a sidestreet:

A hunk of aluminum siding:

Trees supported by plywood and a ghost:

A loose power line in police tape:

A tree blocking the path to the ball fields by Shore Road park:

A baseball field:

A big tree down on 79th & Shore Road:

The basketball court:

The abandoned Belt Parkway:

More trees down on Shore Road:


A tree in Fort Hamilton park:

And one across the street:

And a big one on 82nd and Colonial Road:


And perhaps most ominously, a Halloween Skull:


You can see my other Hurricane Sandy imagesĀ here and here. And again, if you’re a member of press in search of pictures or just a regular person that needs any help in Bay Ridge, just drop me a line.


8 thoughts on “Morning After Hurricane Sandy: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

  1. We are looking for our family members who live in the Bay Ridge area 99th and 3rd. It doesn’t look bad but are there any additional power outages??? We have not heard from them today and are worried.

    Worried from Seattle,


    1. Magda, there has been some power outages in Bay Ridge but aside from downed trees, the neighborhood doesn’t appear to have been hit bad. I will walk over there later on today.

  2. Thanks. I would hate to see anything bad happen to that grand old house. I have lived in Michigan since 1978, but I think often of my home town. Your photographs gave me some peace of mind knowing that Bay Ridge is still doing o.k. in spite of the terrible storm.

  3. I grew up in Bay Ridge, but have since moved. I’m happy that it’s fine. What a great place, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read Gingerbread House, everyone knows of it by that name.

  4. Hello Thanks for posting. I grew up on 65th Street and 10th Avenue, graduated from Fort Hamilton HS and I was concerned about the area. Thanks for sharing Janet

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