Bay Ridge – Hurricane Sandy Sets In

I went out for a stroll again today to follow up yesterday’s pre-Hurricane Sandy pictures. With mass transit down, I can’t get out of Bay Ridge, so I’m trying to make the most of my time and take as many pictures as possible.

The psychic on 83rd street taped up the windows:

Henry Harde Liquors had a sale on:

I also went down to the bike path by the Belt Parkway. The water wasn’t too wild, but I’ve heard it’s gotten pretty bad since then.

I’ve been trying to get a great shot of the Verrazano Bridge, so I tried a different perspective:

Other people were looking out:

I also strolled through Battery Park, where someone saved the date:

Cops were rolling by:

I then dropped by Food Town to do a little shopping. Lots of people were shopping, and some of the shelves were picked dry:

Bay Ridge is also full of weak/dead/dying trees, and I already spotted a few down by 1:00 p.m. BE CAREFUL AROUND TREES!

5 thoughts on “Bay Ridge – Hurricane Sandy Sets In

  1. really cool pics. i live on shore road and 91. went down to the walkway over the belt and it was crazy before. this storm is going to be wicked.

    1. Brandon could you please check house 8615 on shore road for me? I used to live there and I am very curious of how it is post sandy, think you could take a picture?
      Thank you

  2. Thanks for the pics. I used to live in Bay Ridge at 315 Bay Ridge Ave. I’d love to see how the old building fares after the storm. It was once a grand place. It has seen a lot of snowstorms, hurricanes and tornados in the many decades that it has stood there.

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