Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Before Hurricane Sandy

(Shore Road bikepath)

Last year, I took quite a lot of pictures both before and after (see here and here) Hurricane Irene in my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

I’m doing the same now that Hurricane Sandy is on the way.

Irene turned out to not be nearly as bad as was expected.

However, it seems that all bets are off with Irene. The NYC subways and buses are shutting down as of 7 p.m. Sunday evening, and it is rumored that the New York Stock Exchange will be closed down.

If you’re in Bay Ridge, I would recommend that you be extremely careful around trees. This neighborhood is full of trees that are dead, dying, or simply too damn big. During every big storm, a lot of trees and/or branches end up falling, so watch yourself and your property out there.

Everything in this post was shot with my Fuji X100.

I headed straight down to Shore Road, where there was one last big game:

Some people were still fishing:

Despite the stormy clouds over Staten Island:

I headed over to the 69th Street pier:

Took a look at the big city:

Checked out the pigeon party:

Then I went to Owl’s Head park for some nature shooting, Brooklyn-style:

And finally, I dropped by the supermarket to pick up some groceries, and it was pretty mobbed:

Stay tuned – I’ll be posting more pictures both before and after the storm. If you’re a member of the press and would like to use any of these pictures, please use the contact form.

 See more pictures here.

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