Pictures of the Infamous Lost Camera

I finally got around to photographing the Canon Rebel XT I lost in the water in the Adirondacks back in 2009. I’m going to have to get a trophy case or something for this thing because it’s become a really important memento to me.

Note – there’s some dirt in some of the pictures because I can’t touch this thing without dirt flying off it.

Now, some people are asking if I was able to get the pictures off the memory card, and the answer is YES. They will be released in good time, but not before they debut on a major network television news show in the near future.

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So without further adieu, if you’ve ever wondered what a camera looks like after it’s been sitting underwater for three years, have a gander.

See that lens? It’s stuck on – it just won’t come off, which stinks because I’d like to see what the image sensor looks like.

As you can see, this camera had a silver finish. The bottom was protected by the tripod plate that was attached to the camera.

Close-up of the Canon logo:

Rear view:

And here’s the shutter button:

The jog-dial thingie:

The AF/MF switch on the 18-55mm kit lens:

The lens release button:

The mode dial fell off:

Shot of the screens:

The menu button:

Some of the rear controls:

The viewfinder:

Hot shoe:

The top of the lens:

The strap:

And finally, here’s the hero of the day – the Sandisk memory card that survived for three years underwater. I’ve used other memory-card brands, but I’m Sandisk for life from now on:

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16 Responses to Pictures of the Infamous Lost Camera

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  2. Julie Hunter says:

    Were you able to pull any images off the card?

  3. It’s surely a fantastic plug for Sandisk – you should get them to sponsor your page! Have you tried a tiny drop if silicon spray on the lens/body join? It’s magical at getting stuck bits moving, far better than WD40 type lubricants. I’d love to see the sensor too.

  4. Rick Fisher says:

    I’ll buy that rebel off you for $100. I can clean it with a sham-wow and some of that wax they advertise late at night.
    Very cool and thanks for sharing.

    Rick Fisher

  5. Owen Finn says:

    I will make you a glass box for it when your finished with it I will even put a mirror in the bottom to reflect the underside!

  6. I have been waiting for you to post the pics of the camera and am now eagerly awaiting the pics from the memory card. Can’t wait!
    If it helps at all – just a suggestion – but try olive oil to try and get the lens off. Either that or hair conditioner usually works a treat.


  7. Este says:

    Would like to know how it fell into the creek…and how you managed to get it back…

  8. How awesome. I am really curious to see the clarity of the images youre pulling off of that SanDisk CF and Im also curious about the sensor and mirror. What a find!

  9. Michael J says:

    As good a card as they are, the fact that it was a Sandisk has little to do with the fact that your pictures survived. All cards are constructed the same and any brand would have had the same result. I have a cheap Dane Elec CF card that has been through a wash and spin cycle. The pictures survived and the card is still in use some 4 years or so later. I’m sure Sandisk would jump on and glorify the fact that it was their card, and even go as far as to say that only their brand would have survived, but it’s not true.

    Still a good story though.

  10. Marco says:

    very good post and adventure for your Canon camera…. is the 450D?
    ciao from ITALY

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