Unboxing Video of My Lost Camera

After I received my now-infamous lost camera in the mail, I set up my iPhone and shot a video of me taking it out of the box.

Yes, this Canon Rebel XT spent three years underwater in the Adirondacks, and it’s mucked up pretty badly.

I lost when I was standing on a little bridge taking pictures (and oh, I’ve seen the pictures suck and they suck), and when I took my camera off my tripod, I kind of fumbled it and dropped in the water. I spent 20-30 minutes trying to fish it out, but I thought it was gone.

It is covered in mud, much of the finished washed off, and I can’t seem to take off the lens. I’ll be following up with close-up pictures of the camera and the memory card.

In the future, I’ll be telling my full version of the story, which has a twist that may surprise you, but for now, the NY Times did a pretty good job of going over the facts. I’ll also be posting detailed photos of the camera and memory card, and eventually, some of the pictures on the card.

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